I know this weather doesn’t help you think of what you need to update your closet for Spring 2018, at least not in Chicago.  We are still struggling with snow boots and fancy furs. But in true Chicago fashion, one day out of nowhere Spring will be upon us. In preparation for that beautiful transition, I have prepared a list of a few Spring must-haves.

Accessories are the easiest way to give life to any outfit.  A lot of women don’t want to spend the money on these seemingly small items. BIG MISTAKE!

Natural handbags are back to stay for a minute




The cute socks with heels trend may take some getting use to but just do it!




If you’re feeling sporty, try a knit fitted sneaker.


And whoEVER thought a fannypack would be cool for anyone but granny on a bus tour?



I’ll be the first to admit, I never thought I would wear white anything
on my feet but it grew on me. The white footwear trend will  continue through spring and summer.



As far as clothing goes, Some trends of the past have resurfaced. As fashion always does.

Hoodies continue to be a staple. But hoodies are now a bit oversized and can be worn with EVERYTHING!



And my favorite of all favorites, sequins all day everyday everywhere!

But for Spring and always just have fun and be you!

Velvet is all the rage this season. What could be better than black velvet you ask? Black velvet and sequins! Be the funky belle of the ball this holiday. Coming soon!



Have you ever heard the phrase “oldie but goodie”? Well when you think of denim and leather Moto-jackets that phrase should come to mind. I still have a denim jacket I purchased over nine years ago from the Gap. Grant it the elbows are busted out but that makes me love it even more. I wish I still had my Levi denim jacket I rocked in high school with all my Micheal Jackson pins on it. I own a few leather motorcycle jackets but there are so many variations I want them all.

The denim and leathers of today come in a variety of lengths and colors and are embroidered. So if you want to make a smart Fall investment, purchase one or both of these must-haves.





As most of you know, being a wife, mom, daughter and friend requires so much of me on a daily. Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Self care is key. So at least once a year I must escape. And what better time than my birthday. It has become tradition for my BFF and I to get away and relax, dine, and party like it’s 1999. This year’s destination was Tulum, Mexico. If you haven’t been I would suggest you add it to your travel bucket list. A little slice of paradise.






Exactly what she wants. It girls don’t follow the latest trends. She wears what feels good to her soul when it’s time to walk out the door. Honesty, it girls don’t lay their clothes out the night before. Now quit often styles come and go that it girls must have but she mixes it with her authentic self.


  • What fits her properly. It girls don’t get hung up on the number sewn into the clothing.  Who cares?!?!  Who knows what your tag says?  Depending on the brand or cut of the item, your size can vary greatly.  So many women will not buy a larger size to make herself feel better.  Missing out on an awesome piece.  Many women wear ill-fitting clothing trying to squeeze into a smaller size.   I have seen many women come out of fitting rooms totally distraught because nothing fits!  When the real issue was you picked items that were not your size or the best style for your build.  It is true, everything is not for everybody!  But there is something “stylish” for everyone.


  • Whatever catches her eye.  Whether it be at your local high-end retailer or the resale shop on the corner of her block.  It girls are not label whores!  She can make a Target find look like a million bucks.  She can make that leather skirt she bought 9 years ago fresh and new again (true story).  It girls can walk into her local thrift shop and eye a simple button down blouse and take it home and add the perfect statement necklace, her latest jeans, and killer heels and everyone will be asking “who is your shirt by”.  It girls often shops high-end retailers during a sale.  She can mix that on sale pant with a resale vintage leather jacket and look like she just stepped off the runway.  If and when an It Girl splurges, it’s normally on her handbag, shoes, or coats.


  • Moral of the story, you don’t need to spend lots of money to look great. And always always be you!


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I  was born into fashion. As early as I can remember my maternal grandmother was a lover of fashion. She and I went on weekly shopping escapades for hours. She loved high heels and handbags. So it only makes sense that I have always had a love