About Tabbys Closets

I  was born into fashion. As early as I can remember my maternal grandmother was a lover of fashion. She and I went on weekly shopping escapades for hours. She loved high heels and handbags. So it only makes sense that I have always had a love for pretty things. I too am a lover of the perfect handbag, shoes, and beautiful patterns. I would describe my style as sweet and spicy.

In high school I was voted best dress. In college I studied Fashion Merchandising. After graduating college, I worked at various high end retailers. I took a 10-year detour and worked as a Flight Attendant. No regrets but totally off course. Once my son was of school age, I decided to stop flying and return to my first love.

For years friends and strangers have asked me to style them, clean their closets, open a boutique, or start a blog. And so it begins… Welcome to Tabby’s Closets.


Comments (10)

  1. Mona Davenport

    Follow your DREAM!! I am excited for you because I know your heart…

    • Tabbys Closets

      Thank you Mona! Long time coming but so excited!

  2. Beverly Nunn

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading & learning.

  3. Beverly Nunn

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading & learning.

    • Tabbys Closets

      Thank you Bev! My goal is to bring fun useful info.

  4. Shelle Coleman

    Congratulations Tabrina!!! I absolutely love this!!!!

    • Tabbys Closets

      Thank you Shelle! Stay tuned for more. ?

  5. Sharron

    Very nice and congrats lady! So glad you are taking the time to live your passion and dreams! I’m sure it feels great! ❤️❤️

  6. Sharron

    Love your dreams girl! Awesome!

    • Tabbys Closets

      Sharron thanks for reaching out! It’s a little scary to step out but it’s even scarier to live in the “what-if”! I see you living out loud as well. Let’s keep it going!!

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